About Me

I was born in Denmark, where I spent my childhood and adult life until moving to Milton Keynes, UK in 2004. I am a self-taught artist. As a farmer’s daughter, I am not exactly born into the art world. My knowledge, love and respect for animals and nature were contracted first hand; and will always be my main inspiration.

The relationship between humans and animals drives my work. The growing conflict in our shared environment is something about which we all should be aware. The Wildlife is rapidly losing their habitat because of our need and greed The Animals are totally dependent on us and how we behave in any situation.

If I can bring about  any awareness by showing their beauty and their soul I have succeeded.

Horses do have a special place in my heart, they have been part of my life in one way and another as long as I can remember.   Now having no horses myself anymore, I am just painting them and especially the racehorses have drawn me in, the beauty, the speed and the bravery both in flat and jump-racing is amazing, that's the reason for my page with only racing related works. No print will be made of any of my Artworks presented and sold from my website.

I have had works accepted at The Society of Women Artists (SWA) in London several times. As a “Friend” member of the Society of Equestrian Artists (SEA), I have attended their Exhibitions in London and Newmarket. I have participated in many other exhibitions, especially at Obsidian Art , Stoke Mandeville, Buckinghamshire

I have sold - through Art Dealer Jeanne Chisholm, NY - an artwork to Ralph Lauren Corporate Collection Inc., USA

Summer 2017: Now back in Denmark after a big move and settling in.

It has now become the 29 of March 2020! Setling in mentally according to my painting, has taking longer tha I expected, - as what do I paint now, from where does your inspiration come from and so on....everything is very different, not ment in a negative way, just a fact!

Soon some new paintings will be uploaded.:)

If there is any you are interested in buying, just mail and ask for availability and price.